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Goal: At least actually get a Bingo.
Deadline: Somewhere in like next year.
Link to: xmfc_bingo

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AU: everyone is an animalreunionbald!Charlesdeath fichumiliation
mpreg (Erik)drunk/druggedwildcardold man sexforced to marry
feedingDarwin back from the dead(!)backstory (Emma)CIA ficAzazel and Erik
bickering old menThe Man in Black (aka Agent Platt)whips and chainsslutty!Charlesbackstory (Riptide)

Hahah oh god, this is going to be fun. *crack knuckles*
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Now....if I actually wrote something for this. lol

Idea for a Original Ficion Story:

The summary that hopefully doesn't spoiler everything:

It has been many years since the god of dark and his guardians have been killed by the goddess of light's guardians and some heroes before he could intermanted(spell it wrong damnit! >.<) his plan to destroy the world.

At least... that what 'they' said.

The good races of world thought with the dark god dead and them hunting down the monster races that peace will be theirs.

....They were wrong.

Alas, the peace the world did get didn't last long before it come clear that the world has began to tear it's self a part and nameless evils began to wake from their deep slumber.

A blind outcast of the light goddess's priest order has find their fate intertwined with a child. ...what does that mean for the world? Who knows? well... i know. ;d



Plotline(?) outlines:

The herald gets imprisoned and gets rescue by one of the 'former' heroes and a rat-like rogue.





And there there is the monster races.


Characters's names:

The dark god: Azazel, Shyamal, Khalid (unless i find something else, I think I will use Krishna as the name the child is.) Child name of the dark god: Krishna, Sindri, Hakan

Light goddess: Lesedi, Lakshmi, Lestari, Adela, Tatiana, Miruna

Her guardians: Athanasi, Rohesia(female.) Royse Lilja, Berach Brynjar Timotei, (creature) Damhnait Dymphna

The dark god's guardians: Javed Cathal Cathair, (the creature one.) Conrí Varg Ulric Boris Gerulf, (female) Enya Brynja, Fearghas Beniamin

Herald: Setiawan, Fiachra, Vlad, Virgil

Blind Seer, one of the past heroes: Kyna, Aisling, Cecilia

Another Hero: Gareth, Faris, Valeriu

Possible bad lady: Hjördís



Name for anyone: Nitya, Keira, Fedelma, Muirenn, Baldr, Freyja, Angelica, Seriki, Hemi, Erdem, Hakan, Anargul, Mireille, Conrad, Anahera, Mazhar, Nergis, Erik, Markus, Aleksi, Berthold, Bertram, Hartwin, Hendrik, Alexis, Jeremias, Anselm, Ákos, Valtteri, Bertalan, Viktor, Alexandrine, Anselma, Sieghard, Gerhild, Kasimira, Shantanu,

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Ideas for Warriorslash50. 

WRITE SOME SHINGEN AND KENSHIN FICS!! oor..or..or Shingen/Kenshin!


Or friendship!


...Some of the old man with the hammer and Ginoyo.<----look up how to spell their names. (STILL LAZY, OH GOD.)






List of ideas:


006. crush

A younger Xiahou Yuan having a crush on not-so old Huang Zhong. AU likely.


Perhaps when Yuan was young, he ran into some bandits and was save by the not so old Huang Zhong. The kid begans to either sercertly crushes on Zhong and/or heroworships.


Before Zhong leaves(after perhaps stay for a bit.) he gives Yuan some points on how to fight with a bow.


And one way or another they vow to meet again or something. (Maybe have a part later on with older Yuan and Huang meeting again. :D)


Or Liu Chan(or Guan Ping or Xing Cai.) has a crush on Guan Ping(or the other two.).


022. it started off like any other tea ceremony

Shingen and Kenshin...somehow. Whether if they decide to stab each other or....something else.


...something from DW? :D

023. it's funnier when you're drunk


Ginchiyo is drunk, and may or may not hit on theold man with a hammer or try to get him drunk as well?


029. our spirits are officially broken
If the first idea doesn't work, do a padory with a mary sue that may get killed by Liu Chan...or some NPC.

031. poetry




026. let me be your weapon

Kenshin and Shingen? Something!? :D


011. epiphany

Perhaps could be the sequel to #37?


or perhaps a Zhuge Liang/Wei Yan idea.


035. sharp blade, sharp mind

Agan something for Kenshin and Shingen?


033. primitive

Another Zhuge Liang/Wei Yan idea..ish.


038. this is why I'm the strategist

Kid!Liu Chan saved the daa-...well, actually, he listened to Zhuge Liang's orders. GEN!

015. fruit

Guan Ping/Liu Chan. :P And Liu Feng(?).

046. author's choice: Crossdressing.

Ling Tong is NOT amused! The Author is.

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Title: Why You Should Read the Signs.
Author: Renuki
Pairing: Gan Ning/Ling Tong-ish.
Fandom:Dynasty Warriors
Warnings: Crack and some implied nude.
Summary: AU. The relationship between Ling Tong and Gan Ning through the eyes of Ling Cao. Small crossover with Ranma ½.

Old Author's Notes:

I hope ya enjoy this fanfic. This is what happens when genderbending(kinda of.) and Ling Cao living are mix.... at least when I am the writer. Ehehe. >.>

New Author's Notes:
...I dunno even remember why I did the crossover, unless I felt like being evil to Gan Ning. lol


Here be a Cut. Alas, I have nothing wity to write here. )


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Title: Untitled Num 2.
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count: Dunno.
Fandom: Dynasty Warriors
Pairing: Magoichi/Female Nobunaga. What.
Old Author Note:
...oh god. I try my hand in writing a small 'wet' dream/fantasy. >.< Dearly sorry if it sucks.

...and um...first time writing Magoichi and Nobunaga, may have got them wrong with their personalty. XD (AND um...hopefully this isn't to bad. XD)

New Author Note:
Yes, I'm using the same name for the Female!Nobunaga, I don't care if it weird, don't feel like looking for a differnet name.

Will look for the link to the prompt.
Gender-bending fun, sweet. )
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Oh jooy, more stuff I have to find the link too. :|

Title: Eh. Untitled.
Pairing: Yuan Shao/Lu Bu. Yeah, you heard me!
Fandom: Dynasty Warrior
Word Count: Dunno.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Will get back to ya on this.

Here have some crack!Fic. )
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A Star Trek Kink Prompt that I, I'm going to find the link sooner or later. :P

Title: Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover.

 Warning: UNBETATED! 

Yay, I am finally done! :D (And um....hope you enjoy?)


I think I got part of the bonus done. >.>


Thanks again to everyone that give me ideas on what to use as filters! :D


jfdsaf, first time trying to write in present tense, lol.



Dating Serves...actually worked, lol )
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Aha, well this is going to be fun.

This is going to be mostly a fandom journal and considering how lazy I'm. (that and I'm a lurker.)

Coming soon: Fanfiction! And insane ramblings of fanfiction ideas, probably.

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